Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If You Are Cold, Put On A Sweater

Just like K does - although this was a summer photo. And yes, I made that sweater. She loves it, and picked out the butterfly button herself.

So, I am definitely the type of mom who tells you to wear a sweater. And if you are cold in the house, you should maybe wear a hat as well. I wear several layers of clothes when it gets cold. I can add and subtract layers as the day warms and then cools. I keep the heat at 64 during the day, which I admit is a bit cool, but I have a nifty swifty programmable thermostat and at dark it goes up a bit, and then you really don't want to know how low I keep it overnight. What? We are under covers, no one has suffered frostbite yet. Heck the kids sleep in blanket sleepers - that means they are basically sleeping in a blanket. And by the time we get up in the morning, it is nice and toasty 65.

The irony is that the little girl I watch afterschool on Mondays, well, she had a short sleeve shirt on yesterday. Sorry, not a good choice at my house. Sure, she wore a coat to school, and later she wore a coat in my house. Not surprising, I often wear my fleece in the house. Which is what made me think about that maybe I keep my house a little cool.
Lest you think I am cruel, she wasn't cold when we made sugar cookies since that meant the oven was on. Ergo, the kitchen was warm, smelled good and was a delightful mess from them decorating. It was nice and cozy and they ate warm sugar cookies and had hot chocalate.....

So if you are cold, put on a handknit sweater and make sugar cookies.

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