Sunday, August 29, 2010

From Roving To Wristers

Several months ago I traded some yarn for this beautiful roving from Southern Crosse Fibers in Australia. It was so beautiful. I spun it up, below is a spun single lying on the some of the original roving. I absolutely love the colors. My son, C, did not think the colors were nice, which shows that even though engineering college people think they know everything, they obviously do not.

And after spinning and plying 2 together, I made these cute wristers, also known as fingerless gloves. They have a thumb opening and extend to the first knuckle of the fingers. This is a small sample of what I am hoping to have in my etsy shop on September 1st. I am so excited and nervous to sell my wares. All of those, what if it isn't good enough? What if no one ever buys anything? What if they buy it and hate it? On the other hand, what if it is good enough? What if they buy it and love it and buy more? What if? Since I don't want to wander what if, I'll be finding out after September 1st!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Grandma Alice

On a forum recently the discussion came up about what we remember about our grandmas and things they made and did. I started to think about my grandmothers - both of whom were wonderful women and grandmothers. Today I feel like writing about my Grandma Alice.

My father's mother, Grandma Alice, always made The Best Pumpkin Bread and applesauce. I can still remember eating pumpkin bread in her little kitchen at the little kitchen table. I can see the small refrigerator and oven. I have many of her old recipes, in her handwriting and it is so nice to look at that. I imagine her feeding my father and uncle some of the same things I see on the old 3x5 cards I have.

Here is Grandma Alice as a young girl. She probably knew how to make her awesome applesauce by the time she was this age. Look at that gorgeous naturally blonde hair. She was very pretty as well as nice and patient.

She married my grandfather and had two boys. Until they had to move to nursing care, they lived in the same house their entire married life. I think about all she saw and wonder what she must have thought. I think she must have been a very patient person, my father tells about going on a camping trip and every spot in the car was used. Including keeping the silverware under the front hood! If I remember right they camped for two weeks, visiting different sites.

Anyway, not on the topic of knitting or spinning. But on Grandma Alice, she probably didn't get the respect she deserved from me, she never won awards or "saved the world" but she did a very nice job raising two very nice sons. She did it with love and I miss her.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This has been quite the crazy week. L started back to school on Tueday. My husband had 2 root canals over 2 days, instead of going to work. Lest you think I am an unsympathetic sort, my husband was told back in April to have this taken care of, and he didn't, so it isn't that surprising he had to have emergency root canals. And I do feel for him, just not as much as I would if this was out of the blue. Listen to your dentist!

On the up side (there is always an upside), I finally got some more pictures taken of the handspun I have been working on. I am calling this Peppermint Twist Treat, it is a 3 ply of merino wool I dyed myself, spun the singles and then thought they would look lovely together. I like it, I imagine it as cute cuffs on a girl's sweater or hat or mittens.

Next we have a 2ply of the baby alpaca I got for my birthday. Love it! It is so soft and wonderful to spin. Really, it spins like butter - no not really, I don't think butter would spin at all and would make a horrible mess, but you know what I mean. Smoooooooth!

Lastly, I did not make this, Mother Nature did. I had nothing to do with the cool dragonfly flirting around while I was taking pics in the backyard recently. But he just had to be photographed. Truly, Mr. Dragonfly missed his calling as a model and instead is just a zippy dragonfly. I am so glad he posed for me though.

Isn't he amazing? He just would not stop zipping at me until I took some pics. Now he has his 15 minutes of fame - lol!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Put On Your Sunglasses!

Put on those sunglasses, we have some very bright yarn below!

Well I warned you I had dyed some fiber bright blue and there it is! Bright blue, and doesn't it look smooth. It is - it is some beautiful blue merino. I am looking forward to spinning, but not sure how I want to spin it. Nor am I sure what I want that would be quite that bright blue. Ideas, anyone?

This yarn is spun from some wool remants I picked up at the Alpaca Show in Denver. I am continuing its name of Mardi Gras. As it is kind of garish, colorful, fun and pretty all at the same time. I even added a few beads in there on crochet thread, then plyed the two together. The results are much better than I thought possible!

And keeping with different themes, I dyed up some more merino into Halloween colors - can you believe Halloween is right around the corner? No, really, it is right there. Peeking at us from around the corner. Depending on your monitor, you can see that front roving is ORANGE. Therefore I am totally seeing a Halloween yarn - orange and black with maybe even a pumpkin or two spun in.
I am about 10 rows away from finishing a pair of handspun, handknit fingerless gloves. I look forward to posting those next with a little surprise.