Saturday, April 23, 2011

Knit to Quit

I have quit smoking. Again. A horrible habit that I started so many years ago...... and now I am breaking that habit. I have quit many times, but this time I feel different. I don't feel like I am missing something. So I think this is THE TIME. And maybe if I get brave enough to write it, I'll keep the quit going. At first, I didn't want to tell anyone, cause I might fail again, but now it has been a month and I am feeling pretty confident. And I am doing it by myself. The Husband is still smoking. I think that is the hardest part, that I could go get a cigarette from him anytime but don't - actually I have to avoid him at times.

I am knitting to quit. It is working. Well, that and nicorette gum, medication and cleaning house. Really, I have been cleaning out the basement. And the kid's closets. The kitchen cabinets. Drawers. Not deep cleaning, just getting rid of stuff. Let's face it, my house will never be that clean. Even if I hired a housekeeper once a week, I still wouldn't eat off my floor - lol! But I am slowly becoming less cluttered.

And to reward myself, I started the TKGA's (Knitting Guild of America) Master Knitter program. That is right, I am keeping with my yarn diet and not buying yarn with my extra cig money. Instead I signed up for this program and am excited to do it. Basically they give you instructions and questions, and you send in your knit samples and answers and they either pass you or give you suggestions and you resubmit. And you can take as long as you like.

So that is what is up with me.