Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Love This Weather!

Ahh, it is really fall now. A cold, cloudy day with the leaves finally changing. A day where it is nice to get to cuddle with your children in bed in the morning - I am so lucky to be able to do that, this morning was especially nice as L did not have school. Just look at it out.

Isn't it wonderful? I admit, I was never a fan of winter or cold weather or any of that. Give me sun, lots of sun, lots of hot, hot sun. Weather to swim in, weather to camp, just any old sunshine. That was before I met knitting. Now, I am looking forward to cold winter days, the crockpot cooking, sweaters to slip on. Looking forward to dark winter days - spending them like my ancestors, knitting, cooking, spinning. But luckier than the previous generations, central heating, electricity and all that. Let's face it, no one in my family is really going to be cold if I don't make socks. But I am so darn excited because I love handknit socks. Look at these. They are so cozy. My feet are so happy and warm. No too big, not too small. I could not wait to wear them and today is the first day I can wear them this season! I wore them plenty last winter too. I love handknit socks so much I have made myself 3 pairs. And The Husband is jealous and wants some more for himself. And then K actually showed me some socks in a knitting magazine and told me she wants me to make her those purple socks- that is right, knitting requests from 3 year olds! Socks! Socks! and more socks to make! Shhh, don't tell, but The Husband is getting some more for his upcoming birthday. Bronco socks!

Enjoy your fall day!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family Friday - Darby

I'm a day late (and always a dollar short) on Family Friday this week. We've been having a "difficulties" with the new principal at L's school and it has ended up consuming huge amounts of time this week. I won't go into it all here, let's just say there is more to education than test scores. Not to mention, my child does excellent on the tests, thankyouverymuch.
Meet Darby!

Isn't she the cutest thing? We actually got Darby from the animal shelter in August a few weeks after our van was stolen. Our old dog, Scruffy, can't really hear or see or run or any of that dog stuff anymore, so we needed a dog that was protective, energetic, aware, all that dog stuff. Darby is excellent at all dog things.
So far Darby is pretty much house trained now. She also can sit and will fetch the ball and return it 80% of the time. She also, of course, was recently spayed. The kids totally love her, pet her, run with her, and just think she is the queen of all dogs. Darby walks L to school every morning with us. K especially loves to tell Darby how cute she is. The other day I saw Darby sitting watching K, and thought that soon that dog will be in a princess outfit having tea with K. That is how good Darby is - no problem with the children.
Darby looks a lot like our old dog, Guiness. She will not be as big as Guiness, her paws are way smaller. She weighs about 23 pounds now at approximately six months old, and will grow a bit larger, but not too gigantic. She has huge amounts of energy, so we must play with her and exercise her every day.
Welcome to ouf family Darby!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sick - What a Drag

First, it was L on Thursday. Sick. Then K got it Saturday. My turn on Sunday, I was out until this morning. Why do mother's get it worse than the kids? They were over it in about 10 hours, me more than 24 hours! I can't stand being sick. And no, for those who know me and how horrid my morning sickness is (morning? Ha! Only if morning lasts 24 hours), I am NOT pregnant. 100% certain. Remember, I got rid of my microwave.

Now that I am recovering, I am hungry.... gotta eat. Too bad, I think I lost a couple of pounds yesterday. I'll be back to knitting and spinning soon.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Family Friday - Rear Admiral Paul Holmberg

Today's family history lesson brings you, my great uncle Paul, World War II hero. I am only going to talk about his time at the Battle of Midway today.

Uncle Paul, who then was a lieutenant, piloted a SBD dive bomber on June 4, 1942 and scored a direct hit on an ordnance loaded elevator on the Japanese carrier Akagi. Quoting from his hometown newspaper:

The resulting holocaust was further fueled by scattered bombs that exploded among planes waiting to take-off on the flight deck. The Akagi, one of the carriers which launched the infamous attack on Pearl Harbor six months previously was consumed by raging fires and later sank, taking many of her crew and airmen with her.

Wow, pretty cool. But there is more. His own aircraft carrier, USS Yorktown, was on fire by Japanese fliers and he was forced to ditch in the ocean. He was picked up by the USS Astoria.

He was awarded the Navy Cross for this effort. And he was awarded a Gold Star for his participation in the sinking of the Ryujo, in the Battle of the Eastern Solomons during the Guadalcanal campaign.

I am just amazed at what normal people go through in life. How frightening to know you are putting your airplane down in the water during a battle! What must one think at that time? I would be freaking out, but was he? Or was he the "John Wayne" type - no cry of fear? I don't know, but I do know he did something amazing.