Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I Love This Weather!

Ahh, it is really fall now. A cold, cloudy day with the leaves finally changing. A day where it is nice to get to cuddle with your children in bed in the morning - I am so lucky to be able to do that, this morning was especially nice as L did not have school. Just look at it out.

Isn't it wonderful? I admit, I was never a fan of winter or cold weather or any of that. Give me sun, lots of sun, lots of hot, hot sun. Weather to swim in, weather to camp, just any old sunshine. That was before I met knitting. Now, I am looking forward to cold winter days, the crockpot cooking, sweaters to slip on. Looking forward to dark winter days - spending them like my ancestors, knitting, cooking, spinning. But luckier than the previous generations, central heating, electricity and all that. Let's face it, no one in my family is really going to be cold if I don't make socks. But I am so darn excited because I love handknit socks. Look at these. They are so cozy. My feet are so happy and warm. No too big, not too small. I could not wait to wear them and today is the first day I can wear them this season! I wore them plenty last winter too. I love handknit socks so much I have made myself 3 pairs. And The Husband is jealous and wants some more for himself. And then K actually showed me some socks in a knitting magazine and told me she wants me to make her those purple socks- that is right, knitting requests from 3 year olds! Socks! Socks! and more socks to make! Shhh, don't tell, but The Husband is getting some more for his upcoming birthday. Bronco socks!

Enjoy your fall day!

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