Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my son, L! He is now officially in the double digits and woke up so very excited to be 10 today! The picture below was taken a couple of weeks ago when we were hiking. Beautiful Colorado day.

Here he is with his friends and sister for Halloween. They had a great time out and about on Halloween. Although it is becoming harder and harder to find people who give out candy on Halloween in the neighborhood. Only 5 houses on my block! That isn't very many. People forget how much fun it is to see the kids in their costume and how excited the kids are to trick or treat. It is a childhood rite of passage, to get more candy than a normal person needs in the year, eat a bunch of "good" stuff and have mom throw the rest away in a month. Let me add, it really wasn't a holiday designed for a bunch of adults to dress up ridiculously and go to the bar - so stay home, stay sober and hand out some candy.

And happy belated birthday to my sister. I hope you had a very nice birthday, sis. 29, right?
Now that all the school ugly is decided, I'll hopefully be back to my normal (normal? what is that?) postings about my beloved knitting and spinning and Family Fridays - lots of interesting relatives. Any suggestions or memories about our dearly departed relatives - send me an email. And I was recently "elected" secretary of the Pikes Peak Knitting Guild - woohoo, another position no one wanted so I said I would do it. I all ready was the librarian, which means I have a box of knitting books and videos members can borrow.
I have some really cute fingerless gloves I have sold to the secretary at The Husband's school. She loved them so much, she wants another pair for at home. So finally a non-related knitting sale! That is exciting!
Life is exciting!

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