Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good bye Old Friend

Scruffy has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, where she waits for us to come. Wasn't she adorable?

It is never easy to let anything go, but for Scruffy, it was time. The above picture was taken in better times for her. Scruffy found C about 10 years ago. She came into our lives and was just so adorable and fit in so well. She had not had a great life until then - she wasn't spayed, was missing teeth, had a hernia, eye infection and stomach parasite, her fur was horribly matted. But we got her all fixed up and she was such a wonderful dog, she more than paid us back with love. She loved to lay on the bed with C until she got too old to get up and down safely. I think she missed him horribly when he left for school. She was a one of a kind sweet dog, a huge heart in her little body. She loved to rub her face on the floor and roll around - we called it Scruffin' - as in she is scruffin. It was so cute. We loved her so much. But her quality of life had diminished so much.... well, Scruffy, I am going to miss you horribly. And I loved you, you little scruffer. See you at the Rainbow Bridge someday.


  1. SO sorry about your pup. I lost mine in June and still miss her like crazy every day, but the memories get less sad and more happy all the time.

  2. I'm sorry about your doggy. *HUGS*