Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Love Our Library!

Recently I heard about libraries that, wait for it, charge for a library card! Not a replacement card, a real card. What? A public library charging for a card? Not only charging, but charging $20 a year! Insanity! What would Ben Franklin say?

I am so thankful that my library does not charge for cards - and only $1 to replace a lost card. Recently they had a little calculator that figures out how much use you get from the library - my family gets over $100 worth of services from the library each month. From books and movies to storytime and Needlearts group and the incredible databases they have - I absolutely love Heritagequest. I can look up census records right from home - just cause I have a library card. Incredible!

Not only that, the people at the library are so nice. They greet K and I by name when we go to storytime. I order books online and they are ready for pickup in a couple days - unless they are really popular, then I do wait, but not for long. One of the security guards leaves books for my husband that he thinks he will enjoy - and he does enjoy them. What wonderful personal service.

This weekend I went to my knitting group at the library. It is a nice group and we enjoy each other's company. One of them even gave me some embroidered shirts for K. Another one gave K a baby blanket for her dolls - I guess a doll blanket. It is just so nice to have a place to meet new people and get together.

So thanks to all the library people out there. I really do love and appreciate all you do.

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