Friday, August 27, 2010

Grandma Alice

On a forum recently the discussion came up about what we remember about our grandmas and things they made and did. I started to think about my grandmothers - both of whom were wonderful women and grandmothers. Today I feel like writing about my Grandma Alice.

My father's mother, Grandma Alice, always made The Best Pumpkin Bread and applesauce. I can still remember eating pumpkin bread in her little kitchen at the little kitchen table. I can see the small refrigerator and oven. I have many of her old recipes, in her handwriting and it is so nice to look at that. I imagine her feeding my father and uncle some of the same things I see on the old 3x5 cards I have.

Here is Grandma Alice as a young girl. She probably knew how to make her awesome applesauce by the time she was this age. Look at that gorgeous naturally blonde hair. She was very pretty as well as nice and patient.

She married my grandfather and had two boys. Until they had to move to nursing care, they lived in the same house their entire married life. I think about all she saw and wonder what she must have thought. I think she must have been a very patient person, my father tells about going on a camping trip and every spot in the car was used. Including keeping the silverware under the front hood! If I remember right they camped for two weeks, visiting different sites.

Anyway, not on the topic of knitting or spinning. But on Grandma Alice, she probably didn't get the respect she deserved from me, she never won awards or "saved the world" but she did a very nice job raising two very nice sons. She did it with love and I miss her.

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