Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Ooops, that did look a little small

I had started a yellow hat to match the yellow gloves I recently made. And it was going along nice and quickly - and that should have been the first hint. And I was zipping along, The Husband asked if those were socks - that should have been the second hint, the man knows the size of a head and the size of a leg and those were looking sock size. And finally I think to myself yesterday, this hat looks a little small, so I put it on waste yarn and tried to put it on The Husband's head. Not fitting, so I went to the next smallest head - L's head and no, not even close. Tried little K's head - she told me it hurt when I tried to squish it on.

Uh, yeah, looking at the pattern, I am about 30 stitches around short. It would not fit anyone's head.... so I pulled it out, started over and now I am zipping along.... just not quite as quickly.

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