Friday, December 3, 2010

Family Friday - Just A Bit on My Little Family

This was such a big week. We began homeschooling and I was very unsure of how I was going to do everything. But it went better than I expected. L did work and was very excited about his new lessons. K probably did more bookwork than usual, since she naturally wanted to be just like L. Although she got bored a bit quicker, she did a great job just like her big brother. L read parts of Mark Twain's biography and enjoyed it, I found a game on Division of Wildlife site called the Fish Hatchery Game - which is just amazing since he wants to learn all about Fish, we worked on math, social studies and science - which is all about Fish right now.

And we all definitely like one thing about homeschooling and that is lunch in a cave followed with a beautiful view like this

After storytime we took the pup and hiking. And we ate lunch in a small cave, followed by more hiking until we came to that gorgeous view. See how happy they are? Success.

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