Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little of This and That

Catching up on knitting pictures and projects - so a little of this and that.

I finally finished up a finglerless glove and hat set. The hat that originally could only have fit a doll - not even a small child. Yes, I know, check your pattern. Now they are full size adult hat and fingerless glove.
You know how you start things with the best of intentions...well, I started this little sock last winter for K and quickly realized that despite the pattern saying it was for 2-4 year olds - there was no way it was going to fit my 3 year old, or for that matter any 3 year old whatsoever, so I left it with only the half the foot and toe to finish and started something new. Today, though, I picked up and finished that little bitty sock. And despite the infamous SSS (Second Sock Syndrome) that plagues many a knitter, I shook my fist a the gods of fate and cast on and completed the cuff today, a good start for a second sock. So these cuties should be up for sale this weekend. And they are really cute, aren't they? It makes you wish you were having a baby, doesn't it? Yeah, me neither, but I wish I knew someone who was having a baby.

And for Christmas, someone special requested a gray scarf. I wouldn't want to give away what the gift looks like, but here is a hint.

Yes, that is a gray ball of yarn. 100% wool from Ireland. And that is all you get.

And for myself I have been working on a lace shawl. I have been wanting to challenge myself with a real lace shawl, so I am and it is going well. Although I haven't actually gotten to the real challenging part of the pattern yet.... lol and it is a beginner's lace shawl pattern. Some of those lace shawls are just so exquisite. Mine is in handpainted purple silk yarn that I bought over a year ago on discount with the knitting guild. It is beautiful and so wonderful to work with, just like luxury.... and all for me. It is going pretty slow due to the other knitting but I have time. This is a project you don't want to rush, you want it all exactly right. This is a small pic of the edging, lace doesn't look so great until it is blocked, so I will just give you a little tease.

And that wraps up a little of this and that.

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