Friday, January 7, 2011

Finally Family Friday Again

Wow, the holidays and events of winter have really taken my time away lately. I feel like I am always behind - probably because I am. We had such a peaceful vacation over Christmas, I feel very refreshed now and ready to tackle the new year with a positive energy. Plus my horoscope promises me a good year and as you know those are real accurate.

I am excited that my son L has decided to join me in my love of genealogy. He got a Family Album for Christmas and has been excitedly filling that out. It is neat to share with someone so enthusiastic. And what was more exciting and fulfilling was hearing him tell his friend about Great Uncle Paul - one of the family's many World War II heroes. Wow, someone who listens and remembers, that is good. And I think that is why people do genealogy, so those family members won't be forgotten. Hopefully.

I have been spinning again too. For Christmas, except before Christmas, I got a jumbo bobbin so I could ply a larger skein of yarn. Look at how huge it is, compared to the normal bobbin.

Pretty amazing, huh?

And I finished a scarf which my oldest child, C, wanted for Christmas. It is not the one I had started, instead C had a new coat and wanted a different type of scarf. So he got this scarf known (not very originally) as cable with a twist.

And that is what I am up to. L is looking forward to contributing to Family Friday next week. And the weather is about to get all wonky, and I am happiest inside with the kids and the knitting. So everything is good.

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