Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am on a diet. Not a food diet, ick, I don't like those. And I don't care that the Wii Fit says I am overweight, next time I am going to tell it my clothes weigh 10 pounds - then I won't be overweight!

No, I am on a yarn diet. I am absolutely not buying anymore yarn! I have too much. I went through it this past week and said, OMG why haven't I used that? Some beautiful skeins of yarn. Forgotten beautiful yarn, just waiting to be knit up. Some not so beautiful - which mostly ended up in a box for ARC which is where they came from in the first place. If the end of the world as we know it happened tomorrow - my yarn and I would end up in high demand when no one could buy socks from China at Walmart anymore. People would be trading me whole cows for some awesome wool socks.

I would actually say how many different types of yarn I have and how many yards...but my mom reads this and she might have a heart attack, so we'll just keep it between at a lot. She will think that "a lot" means three or four skeins and those of you who stash yarn will know that "a lot" means three or four bins.

So how long will I keep up my "no yarn buying" diet? I thought about setting a time limit. Like until June, when the wool festivals start up. But I am not sure that even then will be enough of a reduction. And then what? Buy more yarn to replace the yarn I finally used? No, that won't work. I have become quite discerning in my yarn purchases over the last year - only the good stuff, which is why some original stuff from the thrift store is going back. Yep, I have become a yarn snob. I like the pretty colors, the softness, the ease of knitting with the good stuff.

So my goal is to not buy any yarn until the end of the year. So far, so good, I have not bought any yarn. The last yarn I bought was for Christmas and I had K give it to me. I can do it. I can go all the way to Christmas. Just the other day, I was in the parking lot at the yarn store (for another reason) but did I go just look? NO. Did I go fondle yarn? NO. Did I buy just some sock yarn cause it is 20% off and gorgeous? NO. I didn't even go in. Pretty good, huh?

But, I do have a gift certificate to a yarn store that I won. Are we sure it counts as "buying" when it is a gift certificate? But I may not even buy yarn, maybe I'll buy needles or stitch markers or something else. But not yarn. Definitely not yarn. I might walk in there mumbling "not yarn, diet, not yarn" and keeping my eyes down so they think I am crazy, but no buying yarn!

Let's not talk about the spinning fiber!

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