Thursday, September 30, 2010

Just Wrong

I was at King Soopers (local grocery store) on Tuesday. I walked by the Halloween candy. Of course, it is all displayed all over the store and has been for a month. As I walk by the "seasonal" aisle, what do I see? Cheap, Plastic Christmas Decorations!!! That is right, at the end of September I am apparently suppose to by some ornaments for the tree, at the grocery store no less. I am horrified, but think to myself, well it is only a few at the end, they were just filling up the aisle, right? Wrong!

As K was riding the penny pony, I see MORE decorations. Yard decorations, flashing Santas, blinking lights, more tree ornaments, and more consumer junk. What in the world is wrong with us? Seriously, Christmas decorations on September 28th? Hurry honey, only 3 months left, pull out the tree, string the lights, and let Santa start blinking in the yard. I like Christmas as much as the next person, I like all my decorations and stuff, but there is no way "they" will convince me I need to start buying decorations for it now. Note: I do try to buy the kids gifts for Christmas throughout the year and save them. Note 2: I DO NOT need one more Christmas decoration, no matter how cute it is, so "they" are barking up the wrong tree anyway.

But if you are looking for a little Christmas cheer in October, I have your solution.

HoHoHo! Happy End of September!

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