Thursday, September 9, 2010


I admit I like the computer. I think it is a great invention, tool, appliance, whatever you want to call it. But right now, I would like to throw my computer across the room and stomp on it like a child having a tantrum.

As many of you know, I am trying to set up and start an etsy shop. I want to sell some of my yarn and other products. Sounds simple, right? Sure, no problem. Making a stupid, stupid banner has turned into a huge annoyance. HUGE! To the point I just asked, no begged, my sister in law for help. See I can make the banner.

Cute, isn't it? A little small in this picture, but apparently still too big for my etsy banner.

I have some beautiful yarn, I am sure somebody right now is saying, I wish I could buy some Pretty Pumpkin yarn. Meanwhile, my poor little Pumpkin yarn is sitting in the dark cedar chest, saying I wish someone could use me. And the two should meet, but there is a banner standing in the way.

Ahhhh! Computers.

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