Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Friday - CW Adams

Here are the words of CW Adams in one of several articles he wrote about his life and life in Missouri. This was published in the Shelbina Democrat, on March 31, 1937. The article is headlined, "A Reader 58 Years"

Dear Sirs:

I see in the paper you would like to hear from each one who has been a subscriber to the Democrat for fifty years or more. I was born in Kentucky, came to Missouri with my parents when two years of age and lived on a farm two miles north of Old Clinton in Monroe County. My father was in the Civil War and died at Kirksville, MO.

I was married February 20, 1879 to Bettie Collins, daughter of the late Hiram Collins. We went to housekeeping on a farm 8 miles south of Clarence in a little house with a stick chimney. The hearth was made of flat stones and we subscribed to the Shelbina Democrat and have been looking forward each week for it ever since, which I can still read without glasses, a record of 58 years.

In 1879 we bought a farm of 100 acres, paying $700, which we sold for $900.

Eventually we lived on a farm that is now 400 acres on which we lived and reared eight children, all now married and have homes of their own. In 1907 we moved into the property known as the Sam Shale property.

I served the county court as judge of the Western district for 8 years. My wife passed away October 11, 1935, and was buried on the family lot in Shelbina cemetery. Since I have lived alone, having my cow and chickens, also feed and market a number of hog each year. I am in my 84th year and still get a lot of pleasure out of life.

Back to me now. I have had a super busy week. So I haven't been able to work as much as I would have liked, but will be updating everything soon.

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