Friday, September 10, 2010


I think I finally got the banner problem worked out! Yea Me! It isn't perfect, but it is pretty darn good. I probably will play with it a little, but not too much. Frankly, I am tired of the thing. Now, for real, for sure, my little etsy shop will open over the weekend. I'll announce it, and I will be offering free shipping to open.

So onward to more enjoyable things. Over Labor Day we went to the state fair down in Pueblo. It was very hot and very fun. I loved seeing all the animals, people, rides, arts, food - all of it! The kids loved playing in the fountain since it was so hot. I think next year I will enter some knitting and spinning in the state fair, as well as the county fair again.

Also, the kids and I went to the balloon festival on Sunday. Good thing we didn't wait until Monday, as the balloons were grounded due to the wind. It is so amazing to watch them inflate and take off. And the colors are gorgeous.

We had such a nice time seeing the balloons. One of my favorite traditions, I started taking L several years ago and we would watch from near the park. But the last few years we have actually gone to the park, which isn't nearly as crowded as one would think. After the balloon takes off, many try to "dip" their basket into the lake before going all the way up. And when they do, everyone cheers, it is so cool. Colorful balloons - the child in all of us should still be amazed by the balloons.

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