Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Today is My 40th Birthday!

Today is my 40th birthday and I couldn't be happier. I always thought I would hate turning 40, but I look at my life and am thrilled to be at this point. I have a wonderful family, healthy children, sexy, thoughtful spouse and am all around so very lucky and grateful for all that I have. And now I am learning to blog. Who knew when I was born 40 years ago that computers would be so powerful, so important and such a part of our lives? Well, I guess Bill Gates figured it out quickly. I am little behind Bill and many people, but I am going to blog about my fiber life, my real life and throw in some fun pictures and antedotes on life. Some days it feels like a sitcom!

I saw a book recently Coming of Age, All Over Again. That is how I feel. Except the book is about turning 50 and I am only 40. But I have always been mature for my age. Married young, children young - actually reverse that. And now I am 40 with 3 wonderful children of all ages and all with the same wonderful husband. And I do feel better, happier, and more confident now than I ever did at 20 or 30. I thought I knew things, but I know more now. Or maybe I now know that I know nothing? Haha, no answers or great wisdom was with me this morning when I woke up that I didn't have yesterday, but I do know more or know to question more now! So for all those who dread any certain age, quit it, the only alternative to aging is death and that is no alternative at all. Life is so beautiful!

Tomorrow I will attempt to add a picture or two of all my wonderful presents the Husband has spoiled me with. So many people complain about their spouse and forgetting birthdays and so forth, not mine. He is too awesome about that!

Here are 10 things about my life:

1. I have three children - 2 boys, 1 girl - 1 male husband, 2 aquatic frogs, 1 guinea pig, 1 Lhasa Alspo, 1 gorgeous cat and 2 canaries - so yea, I live in a small zoo.

2. I have an enormous, loving extended family on my husband's side and a loving not so enormous family on my side.

3. I had my first child at 18 and my last at 36. It was a big karma joke on me as I always said I'd be done raising my child at 36. I am pretty sure Fate is still laughing at me. And if I get pregnant again, well, that would be something wouldn't it?

4. I love my family. Yes, you know that, but I love researching my ancestors. Regular people who did nothing other than lived, loved, paid taxes, raised children (and often corn and cows), and died. People like them are the heroes.

5. I won't discuss politics or religon on my blog and rarely in real life. Why bother, chances are you aren't going to change someone's mind and you certainly aren't changing my mind.

6. Lucky Number 7 for me as you can imagine. Total 7/7/70 - I mean what could be more divine. And that is why my birthday has always been and always will be special.

7. I have not met anyone who was born 6/6/60 - if we did meet, would that be like some sort of sign?

8. When I worked outside of the home, I was a legal assistant. I enjoyed it as I did "nice" law - business, estate planning.

9. Hate housework. Which is why it is ironic I am supposedly a housewife. I am not really, I am a stay at home mother and a stay at home wife which I do very well, but the Husband cleans quite a bit. And that is good.

10. I am more interesting than this list indicates. I am fun and silly and love to dance to Dancing Queen and Staying Alive.

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