Monday, July 19, 2010

Best Birthday Weekend, Part 1

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating my birthday by getting away with some of my favorite female friends and family. Girls only! It started with my mother in law and sister in law picked up myself and my friend and we went to Castle Rock. I was so excited when our first stop was Stash, a cute yarn shop in Castle Rock, where we met another sister in law and niece. AND my SIL and MIL both gave me gift certificates which I spent on my very first Tofutsies sock yarn:

AND my first Zauerball sock yarn - isn't it beautiful? I obviously am a purple/lavendar kind of gal.
Now I am going to fast forward because I am in a hurry but want to post the pictures of the most amazing gift I received. My wonderful, talented, beautiful, bestest sisterinlaw created the best folk art - well, look for yourself at a couple of pictures.

The back wall (this is a decompouge - did I spell that right? - on the back wall)

Inside of the wood box are the most amazing figures - myself knitting with K on my lap, a basket with yarn and our cat asleep on a mat. You can't see all the details, they are amazing. The cat's one eye is open just a slit, like they do to check you out as they sleep. Look at the door, those are little clay pics she made, painted. I just can't tell you how impressive this gift is! Just beautiful! Totally amazing! I have run out of adjectives to describe it.

Now, I realize looking at the pic below, due to the angle of the pic, I look like I am going to stab the child in my lap - but I am not, those are knitting needles.

I just had to show everyone my sisterinlaw's work. She is so amazing. I have another amazing box her son, A, created but have run out of time to post a pic of it and my other gifts, as well as finish telling about the best birthday ever. So there will be a part two soon.

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