Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fiber to Dye For

I finally got to play with my fiber. My oldest son got me a sampler dye kit so I played with it. All of it magenta

First dye bath. Very bright and beautiful. 2 ozs. of merino wool.

Then we have some lovely cotton candy looking merino wool. That was the second dye job, as the dye was not nearly exhausted.

Last through the dye bath was 1 oz. of the targhee. It is a beautiful pale pink. Not completely even because the dye bath was pretty close to exhausted.

I had such a great time playing with the dye. I am excited to start mixing a couple colors and making the roving multi color. Currently I have brillant blue drying in the shower. And boy is it brilliant. Wear your sunglasses tomorrow.

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