Monday, October 24, 2011

Colorful Carbondale

We went to Carbondale, Colorado a few weekends ago. It was absolutely beautiful, both the landscape and the weather. We had such a relaxing time. L caught 5 fish and he was so thrilled, he caught more than Grandpa. And K and I went to the park a couple of times and enjoyed seeing the geese and playing. And knitting, I did lots of knitting. Below is the Roaring Fork River, which was just full of wonderful color.

I came back and got busy - doing laundry! And a few more things. I made my first home made salsa, with my own tomatoes. And I canned it! It is very good, although not very spicy. Next time I would add spicier peppers, less green pepper and more spice. But it is tasty. And I actually, really, really canned it. And I told the Husband, we'll be eating alot of more salsa than we normally eat. And it will be all mine! Yummy!

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