Monday, August 15, 2011

Harvest Time at the Home

Harvest Time! Also known as How I Got My Kids to Love Different Veggies!

We did a garden this year, and for once it has really turned out well. This day we got 2 squash, some green beans and a cherry pepper. Our tomato plants started very slowly, now they finally have beautiful, large tomatoes but we are waiting for them to turn red. K loves the fresh green beans, squash and peppers. Although, I have to say, K is all ready my healthiest eating, easiest to feed, loves fruit and veggies child, but she loves these things from the garden even more.

The green peppers are doing the best. One plant has given us 7 green peppers. Wonderful, they are so good when they are fresh from the garden.
L is very proud of our pumpkin. Yes, it is a pumpkin. Yes, really, it is starting to turn orange. I don't know if it will be our Halloween pumpkin, it may be done too early. But hey, we grew a pumpkin.

And one recent night we made a dinner where 50% of it was grown in our own garden. Squash, green pepper, red pepper, sweet basil and green beans sauteed with some soy sauce and on rice, only the rice, garlic and soy sauce weren't mine. And I have discovered lots of ways to prepare squash, since we got 5 squash in about 5 days - lol! Yep, I am pretty proud of our garden. And so is L. And most important, even L is eating his veggies!

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